Compare Cloud Hosting to Other Types of Hosting

Cloud Hosting VS Shared hosting.

Shared hosting refers to a hosting service where many websites reside on one server connected to the Internet. Shared hosting is the most economical option for hosting, as many people share the overall cost of server maintenance. Most of website owners choose shared hosting from the start.

EasyCloud basic hosting plan price is equal and even less than the price of shared hosting.

The main benefits of EasyCloud basic plan VS Shared hosting are:

  • We do not have any limits on CPU usage as many shared hosting providers do. So you can host any "heavy" CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento with us and our basic plan will be more than enough.
  • Every client is securely isolated from other clients, their load and traffic will not affect your site at all.
  • We provide completely managed hosting. We will set up any CMS you like for free, thus you do not need any technical skills at all to have a website.
  • Once your website grows popular and has a lot of visitors you can upgrade you hosting plan anytime you like without any interruption of your website work.

Cloud Hosting VS VPS server

The next stage after shared hosting is VPS server purchase. VPS server is a method of splitting a server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system (virtual machine) and each server can be independently rebooted. The guest operating systems are allocated a share of resources of the physical server. Any other high load project, which requires a lot of resources, hosted on the same physical server may speed down the work of your website. VPS server RAM size is usually no more than 1 GB and it is often not enough for high loads.

The benefits of Easy Cloud hosting plans VS VPS hosting are:

  • With Easy Cloud your website will not be affected by the load and traffic of other websites.
  • Our Advanced Cloud hosting package is equal to basic VPS server but it price are just from $11 which is much less than the price of VPS hosting.
  • You can easily upgrade to Pro and High Load packages (equal to medium and advanced VPS servers) without any downtime for your website or additional expenses for new VPS server set up.

Cloud Hosting VS Dedicated server

Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting where the client uses an entire server not shared with anyone. To put a physical server online you will need to hire a specialist who will set up the server for you could upload your website there. Such services can be provided by the hosting company you purchase the server from and along with the monthly payment for the server it will cost you a lot of money.
Dedicated servers are not flexible, you can purchase a powerful one at once but you will be overpaying, or you can purchase a smaller one and you're not prepared for demand. In case you decide to purchase more powerful server you not avoid the long migration process. The server should be set up from the start and moving your website to the new server will cause the downtime.

The benefits of EasyCloud hosting VS hosting at dedicated servers are:

  • EasyCloud can provide you with the dedicated cloud server created to fit the needs of your project. We can offer you a wide variety of Cloud Server sizes, starting at 256 MB going up to 16 GB of RAM. Cloud Servers can be resized to scale up or down without any reinstallation.
  • Our server set up services along with your website set up are completely free and you will never overpay with us.
  • As a rule, any large highload web project uses more than a single server. Usually, it is an infrastructure which contains several web servers, several database servers and several servers for data caching. We can simply clone your configured web server as many times as you want, no set up process for every server is needed. So you save money again and again.

Our individual price quote service will help us to provide you the best hosting solution for your projects.

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What you can host with EC:
Static or PHP based website. Any "heavy" CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.
Any PHP based startup: start with $4/month "to check an idea" and easily scale up when your project becomes popular.
What People are Saying
"I have used the web design services from EasyCloud and now I host my website here. The support is professional and friendly. They explained me everything I needed, they have designed and coded my website just like I wanted..." (more)
"Our wiki website is hosted with EasyCloud. We advertise it a lot and have thousands of visitors every day but it never influenced the smooth work of the website. This is the hosting we would recommend to everyone..." (more)
"...Previously, I have changed many hosting companies, every one had a low CPU limit and it was not enough for using my Wordpress blog the way I needed. They asked me to upgrade and pay more and more for hosting. The price at EasyCloud is equal to shared hosting price but there are no CPU limits here..." (more)
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