EasyCloud Features

Pay-as-you-go usage based billing

It is the best solution for web startups, when you don't know if your "next Facebook" project will be popular or not. You can start from the basic plan and upgrade it once it is needed for your website.
Cost Effective
–°loud hosting from EasyCloud costs less than a dedicated server or VPS of the same performance.
Automated Backups
EasyCloud automated Backup System saves your data in the form of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups.
Affiliate Program
Our affiliate program allows earning 10% for lifetime from all purchases made by your referrals on EasyCloud.
Cloud Flexibility/Scalability
In case your project becomes popular you can easily scale the infrastructure for higher loads, without any migration and interrupting the service. You can increase the capacity of your server(s) any time you like and you pay only for resources you use, not more, not less. You can even create an infrastructure which contains several web servers, several database servers and several servers for data caching. You can simply clone your configured web server as many times as you want. At the same time, you can easily remove servers if you want, and you still pay only for used resources.
DDoS protection
Our servers infrastructure is optimized for very high loads. We use load balancing, caching, powerful database clusters etc. Our Linux systems are tuned for high performance and hundreds of thousands of connections. We install websites into our load balanced cloud cluster. "Cloud cluster" means that websites are spread over many VPS instances and this infrastructure can be automatically scaled if needed. So, there is no single server for a website which can be easily DDoS'ed.
Unlimited e-mail accounts
We will create unlimited number of e-mails and provide you with detailed instructions on how to setup them using different e-mail clients.
Free website set-up services
EasyCloud team offers completely free website set up services. You should just contact us, provide your domain name or order the domain name registration, provide the CMS you are going to use and you pay us only after you see your website online up and running.
100% uptime guarantee
We provide our clients with unprecedented 100% uptime guarantee. It is possible because our innovatively engineered hosting platform is cloud based and has extremely reliable zero downtime architecture. There is no single point of failure: if some of our servers are stopped or restarted for maintenance it does not affect anything, all of the hosted websites are still online and run smoothly.
EasyCloud Support
You can contact us via Phone, Email and Live Chat. The approximate response time on e-mails is 1-6 hours.

If our operators are busy you may click the chat button and leave a message or send us SMS to 1-415-685-3952
What you can host with EC:
Static or PHP based website. Any "heavy" CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.
Any PHP based startup: start with $4/month "to check an idea" and easily scale up when your project becomes popular.
What People are Saying
"I have used the web design services from EasyCloud and now I host my website here. The support is professional and friendly. They explained me everything I needed, they have designed and coded my website just like I wanted..." (more)
"Our wiki website is hosted with EasyCloud. We advertise it a lot and have thousands of visitors every day but it never influenced the smooth work of the website. This is the hosting we would recommend to everyone..." (more)
"...Previously, I have changed many hosting companies, every one had a low CPU limit and it was not enough for using my Wordpress blog the way I needed. They asked me to upgrade and pay more and more for hosting. The price at EasyCloud is equal to shared hosting price but there are no CPU limits here..." (more)
Elisabeth D., Ukraine