Terms Of Service

Our Terms of Service were last revised on April 11, 2012. 

The initial service term of the Agreement shall begin on the date when EasyCloud ("we" or "us") generates an email message to the Customer announcing the activation of the Customer's account and shall continue for the first partial month of service plus the number of full calendar months stated in the Order. The customer agrees to pay for hosting services rendered in advance of each monthly service term. Non-Payment of services shall result in a 3-day notice of disconnection. All payment failures must be cured within 3 days of notice. Customers failing to make payment within 3 days of notice may incur service interruption.

This Agreement may be terminated or canceled by EasyCloud, at any time, without notice, if the Customer is violating any term or condition of this Agreement.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Our refund policy is described here.

Chargeback Policy

Our chargeback policy is described here.

Prohibited Content

Customers can not post, transmit, or store data and content on or through the services which, in EasyCloud's sole determination, violates any relevant law, regulation, ordinance, or court order. Prohibited content includes, without limitation, (a) content or code that facilitate any violation of, or describe ways to violate, this ToS or (b) "harvested" addresses or information, (c) "phishing" web sites, (d) "link farms", (e) high-yield investment programs (HYIP) or (f) "spamvertising" sites.

System Resources Consumption

An EasyCloud will be the sole arbiter of what is considered to be an excessive amount of server resources. An EasyCloud reserves the right to suspend or shut down any web hosting account deemed to adversely affect server performance or network integrity.

CPU Resources Usage

There are no limits for CPU (processor) usage.

Bandwidth Consumption

There are no hard limits on bandwidth consumption at EasyCloud. We may provide some amount of bandwidth for free, but usage overages are absolutely possible. We do not suspend Customers' accounts for bandwidth consumption without a prior notice by email. In case a Customer have bypassed the free bandwidth limits which are determined by a Customer's hosting package, EasyCloud sends a Customer a notification about the bandwidth consumed beyond the limit, and a Customer must pay for it within 2 (two) days. Customers get a notification from us if they have spent 75% of their current bandwidth balance/credit, either free or paid.

Disk Space Usage

EasyCloud does not set arbitrary limits on the amount of disk space our Customers use for their websites, nor does EasyCloud charge additional fees based on an increased amount of storage used, provided the Customer's use of storage complies with these Terms. Please note, however, that the EasyCloud service is designed to host websites. EasyCloud does NOT provide unlimited space for online storage, backups, or archiving of electronic files, documents, log files etc, and any such prohibited use of the Services will result in the termination of Customer's account, with or without notice.

Email Policy

Mass Mailings

EasyCloud has a zero toleration on SPAM, junk email or UCE. Spam, junk-mail and UCE are defined as: the sending of the same, or substantially similar, unsolicited electronic mail messages, whether commercial or not, to more than one recipient. A message is considered unsolicited if it is posted in violation of a newsgroup charter or if it is sent to a recipient who has not requested or invited the message. UCE also includes email with forged headers, compromised mail server relays, and false contact information. This prohibition extends to the sending of unsolicited mass mailings from another service, which in any way implicates the use of EasyCloud whether or not the message actually originated from our network.

Mailing Lists

EasyCloud mass mailing rules also apply to mailing lists, list services, or mailing services you may contract with. The policy is stated as follows: an acceptable mailing list will be focused at a targeted audience that has voluntarily signed up for your email information or that has made their email address available for distribution of information from you. The list must also allow for automatic removal by all end Customers with non-distribution in the future.

Violation of the above terms will result in one or all of the following:

  • A warning via email.
  • Removal of DNS records for the advertised / originating site.
  • Immediate disconnection of service with no re-activation.
  • $100 fee assessed to your account for violation.

If your actions have caused EasyCloud mail servers or EasyCloud IP address ranges to be placed on blackhole lists and other mail filtering software systems used by companies on the Internet, you will be assessed a $100 charge to your account and $25 per hour for administrative charges incurred to remove and protect mail servers and IP ranges.

Receiving Email Notifications from EasyCloud

By signing up for EasyCloud services you agree that we can send you email notifications to your account's primary email address and other email addresses you provide for communicating with you. Our notifications may contain important information regarding service related updates and some information related to your account at EasyCloud.

Copyright Infringement

EasyCloud hosting accounts may only be used for lawful purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights. Creating, utilizing, or distributing unauthorized copies of software are a violation of federal and state law. If you copy, distribute or install the software in ways that the license does not allow, you are violating federal copyright law. EasyCloud will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies in relation to alleged copyright infringement housed on our servers.

Suspension and Cancellation

EasyCloud reserves the right to suspend service to any Customer for violation of the Terms of Service. EasyCloud will use reasonable care in notifying the Customer and in resolving the problem in a method resulting in the least amount of service interference as reasonably possible. EasyCloud reserves the right to terminate service without notice for continued and repeated violations of the ToS.

Affiliate Commissions

Affiliates can not earn commission on the purchase of their own web hosting account and/or purchases made on their own billing account. As an affiliate, you are not permitted to self refer yourself. For instance, if you join our affiliate program and use you affiliate link code to sign up for your own personal account, you will not be entitled to receive any affiliate commission. The commissions can be paid at once after the minimum payment amount ($1) is accumulated.


EasyCloud will use reasonable efforts to protect and backup data for clients on a regular basis. However, EasyCloud does not guarantee the existence, accuracy, or regularity of its backup services and, therefore, you are solely responsible for making back-up files in connection with your use of the Services.

You agree and understand that any back-up which EasyCloud may carry out will not include any media files. These include (but are not limited to) mp3, mpeg, wmv or any other video/audio files.

Changes to Terms of Service

Our business changes constantly and our Terms of Service may also change from time to time. EasyCloud reserves the right to change Terms of Service without any prior notification. You should check our website frequently to see recent changes, however, we will use reasonable efforts to notify our customers about significant changes. Changes to Terms of Service are effective when they are posted on this page.

If our operators are busy you may click the chat button and leave a message or send us SMS to 1-415-685-3952
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