Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should I Use EasyCloud? is the one of a few hosting companies which provide completely free website set up services. For some people CMS installation can be unknown process and will require a lot of time. We will set up any CMS for you and it will not influence the hosting price. We are providing high quality hosting which price is less than Shared hosting, VPS or Dedicated server price. We personally host all our websites using the same clouds servers infrastructure and it's stable work is important for us as it is our business. We have a professional website development team and we provide high quality web design services for our hosting clients with a discount. We have a 5 + years of experience in website development and server administration fields. Choosing EasyCloud as your hosting provider from beginning will save your money, nerves and time in future.
What is “the cloud hosting”?
Cloud hosting is a powerful hosting platform which is chosen by a lot of modern internet projects. Cloud hosting refers to distributing your website across multiple cloud servers. It literally means that multiple dedicated servers handle the processing of data. The advantages of Cloud hosting vs other types of hosting are:
Pay-as-you-go usage based billing It is the best solution for web startups, when you don't know if your "next Facebook" project will be popular or not. You don't have to pay a lot from the beginning. Cost Effective Сloud server costs less than the dedicated or VPS server of the same configuration.
Scalability . You can increase the capacity of your server(s) any time you like and you pay only for resources you use, not more, not less.
Flexibility . Сloud hosting can be set up anyway you like and need. You can create an infrastructure which contains several web servers, several database servers and several servers for data caching. You can simply clone your configured web server as many times as you want. At the same time, you can easily remove servers if you want, and you still pay only for used resources.
What Is The Difference Between EasyCloud and Standard Shared Hosting?
EasyCloud is a hosting platform based on cloud infrastructure. Our basic plan price is equal to Shared hosting prices but we do not have any restrictions on the cloud hosting service usage. Even using our basic plan you can welcome hundreds of users without having downtime. We do not restrict CPU usage as it is usually done on Shared hosting. The only thing we control is traffic as when you use cloud hosting providers you need to pay for each gigabyte of used traffic. We include some free traffic with our hosting plans. 
Can I host several websites on EasyCloud?
Yes you can host several websites starting from Advanced hosting plan.
Basic Cloud – 1 website;
Advanced Cloud – 3 websites;
Pro Cloud – 5 websites;
High load – up to 8 websites.
Can I host more than 8 websites with EasyCloud?
Yes you can, but in this case we will create an individual plan for you depending on the type of the websites you plan to host. Please visit our individual plan page, fill in the form there and we will contact you back with the price quote for the hosting plan which will be suitable for you.
Do you have a user control panel for hosting management?
No, we do not have a control panel as you just do not need it here. User control panel is usually created to let a user manage his hosting by himself and it can be just a waste of time if the user is not experienced in websites creation and setup. Also, it is a cloud hosting and it is a little different from other types of hosting and requires special management. We will provide the website set up services for you for free. You need just to send us an e-mail describing what kind of website do you need, for ex. “I need a blog,  I want to use Wordpress for it and I need an e-mail [email protected]” or “I just purchased a PTC script and I want you to install it for me, the script is attached”. It will not take us long to do all this for you and provide you with a website, mail accounts and FTP access.
How Many Cloud Hosting Plans Do You Offer?
We offer four types of most widely used hosting plans but the amount of individual hosting plans is unlimited and depends on your hosting needs.
What does the price of your hosting plans depends on?
Our hosting plan prices depend on the amount of  Apache web server processes which we provide to every client. These processes are securely isolated from other clients' processes, so if other clients have a huge visitors spike you will not be affected by that and your site would keep running smoothly. The more visitors are using the website the more Apache processes are needed to handle the load, otherwise the site will be slow. You can upgrade your plan anytime you feel that you need it.

Basic Cloud allows using 2 processes (equal to medium shared hosting)

Advanced Cloud allows using 4 processes (equal to simple VPS hosting)

Pro Cloud allows using 15 processes (roughly equal to medium VPS hosting)

High Load allows using 30 processes (roughly equal to advanced VPS hosting) etc.

Individual Plans will allow using as much of processes as needed for smooth functioning of your website.

Also, we provide discounts if you purchase hosting for 6 months or for a year.
What does individual plan mean?
In case you are not sure what hosting plan is needed for your website(s) you can visit Individual plan page and ask for a price quote for the hosting plan which would be just right for you. For example Basic Cloud for you is not enough but Advanced Cloud is already too expensive. In this case we can configure some middle variant.
What can you provide for a PTC site (any other high load project) owner?
Cloud hosting is the best variant to start a High load projects when you are not sure from the beginning what server capacity you might need. You can start from Basic or Advanced Cloud and pay just for the first month, when you only start advertising website, testing it and attract the first users. After the first month when you have more than 1000 users you might need an upgrade to Pro or High Load Cloud which also can be purchased for some limited period until it is decided what is the optimal server capacity needed for your website. It can not be previewed from the beginning as different sites scripts may require different server configuration. Only after thorough testing of website work the best hosting solution can be determined. In any case it will be less expensive than using VSP or Dedicated Server, as with EasyCloud you pay only for resources you use. The members of your website will not know that migration to the new server means and the server upgrade takes several seconds with EasyCloud hosting.
Do you provide 24/7 hosting support?
We provide live hosting support via chat and skype during business hours, for us it is about 12 hours a day. If there is no agent online – you can contact us via contact us form and we will contact you back as soon as possible, usually in no more than several hours.
What web design services can you offer and it's price?
Details are provided at our Web Design Services page.
Do you have your own servers or do you resell from someone else?

The main thing to note about hosting reselling is that both an original service provider and a reseller offer the same hosting product with the same features, but usually with different amount of system resources and for different price. This is not the case when we talk about EasyCloud, as we offer unique hosting product that can not be purchased elsewhere.

We have developed the hosting platform that provides unique features and solution to common hosting problems. It combines many servers into load balanced clusters, provides server management and monitoring tools, on-demand scalability, failover for each system component, and is backed by our own team of support engineers. In other words, EasyCloud is the hosting platform which is built on top of underlying servers. It is what we sell and constantly improving.

To make it clear, we sell our own cloud hosting product/service developed by our team, we do not resell products provided/developed by third party companies.

Of course, our hosting platform requires those underlying servers and should be hosted somewhere. Using a public cloud provider is the only option for a highly scalable and elastic system like EasyCloud. Also it allows us to save a lot on operational costs and provide affordable prices for our service. We have chosen Rackspace Cloud as our provider. It provides certain specific features and advantages over other cloud providers, like excellent servers performance and reliable low-latency network. There is nothing wrong with using a reliable cloud infrastructure provider with great reputation, like Rackspace.

To wrap it up, we sell the hosting product (EasyCloud platform) that we are developing and supporting. It is wrong to say that we resell the underlying infrastructure of our servers provider where our platform is hosted, because, obviously, "raw" servers simply do not provide features that our service have. Our clustered load-balanced platform provides many features and advantages you will not get with a VPS or dedicated server, and that is why we have built it, actually.


If our operators are busy you may click the chat button and leave a message or send us SMS to 1-415-685-3952
What you can host with EC:
Static or PHP based website. Any "heavy" CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.
Any PHP based startup: start with $4/month "to check an idea" and easily scale up when your project becomes popular.
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"I have used the web design services from EasyCloud and now I host my website here. The support is professional and friendly. They explained me everything I needed, they have designed and coded my website just like I wanted..." (more)
"Our wiki website is hosted with EasyCloud. We advertise it a lot and have thousands of visitors every day but it never influenced the smooth work of the website. This is the hosting we would recommend to everyone..." (more)
"...Previously, I have changed many hosting companies, every one had a low CPU limit and it was not enough for using my Wordpress blog the way I needed. They asked me to upgrade and pay more and more for hosting. The price at EasyCloud is equal to shared hosting price but there are no CPU limits here..." (more)
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