Why EasyCloud?

EasyCloud is created to be completely new and innovative type of hosting. It is the combination of stable, flexible, properly managed, inexpensive cloud servers and excellent support service.

We have chosen cloud servers to become our hosting platform since it is a future of hosting where most of traditional hosting problems are resolved. Our basic hosting plans prices are equal to the price of usual shared hosting but you can upgrade your plan any time you need, and it will not cause any downtime for your website.

We have experience of work with big hosting companies where customers have to pay relatively big money for hosting services but still always feel lack of support. We are not going to become a big hosting company. We are big enough to satisfy all your hosting needs, but at the same time we are small enough to know you. We plan to provide high quality service for limited amount of clients and you can be sure that you will not meet overloaded servers and tech support which answers your questions in several days. Your website will work as stable as possible, and you can always contact us, receive a prompt response and get your problem resolved.

With EasyCloud you do not need to worry about cloud server setup as we provide you with managed cloud hosting. We take care of all the technical stuff for you, so you can focus on running your website, not the time consuming management of your server. Hosting a website at EasyCloud is easier than on a cPanel host. We provide managed hosting service and we are your own server/website system administration team. It means that we do all the other server related tasks, including cron jobs, backups setup etc. No technical knowledge needed and there is no hassle with complicated control panels. The only service we don't provide is management of the hosted scripts, as it is a client's responsibility.

For lightning website loading speed we've manually built our hosting platform and tuned it for the best performance, avoiding slower and non-optimized off-shelf solutions like cPanel. Of course, we provide our clients with standard website management tools: secure FTP for managing files and phpMyAdmin for managing databases. Also, there is a web based file manager. Customers have full access to their files and databases.

Our friendly professional website development team at 33brushes.com always ready to help you with editing the code and design of your website. We work closely with them, so you do not need to look for a website design services somewhere else, as it can be provided to you by your trusted hosting company with the discount.

As a relatively small web hosting company we can provide a really valuable bonus: every customer and every website is special for us.

If our operators are busy you may click the chat button and leave a message or send us SMS to 1-415-685-3952
What you can host with EC:
Static or PHP based website. Any "heavy" CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.
Any PHP based startup: start with $4/month "to check an idea" and easily scale up when your project becomes popular.
What People are Saying
"I have used the web design services from EasyCloud and now I host my website here. The support is professional and friendly. They explained me everything I needed, they have designed and coded my website just like I wanted..." (more)
"Our wiki website is hosted with EasyCloud. We advertise it a lot and have thousands of visitors every day but it never influenced the smooth work of the website. This is the hosting we would recommend to everyone..." (more)
"...Previously, I have changed many hosting companies, every one had a low CPU limit and it was not enough for using my Wordpress blog the way I needed. They asked me to upgrade and pay more and more for hosting. The price at EasyCloud is equal to shared hosting price but there are no CPU limits here..." (more)
Elisabeth D., Ukraine